If a tree falls in the forest, and it’s not on Twitter…

November 11th, 2016

Suggesting the concept of Twitter as measure of informational value.

I woke up this morning reflecting on a lunch with colleagues, where the topic of some heated discussion was the philosophical and functional differences between Twitter and Facebook. I proposed my well-worn notion that Facebook is a social network, whereas Twitter is an information network. “I hear you, I just don’t understand you,” came the slightly agitated response.

But while explaining my idea – that even though we tend to think of the relationship with a friend as a single, social entity, that there is a more compound nature that includes a thinly-veiled, purely informational aspect – it occurred to me that Twitter offers the potential to finally quantify the informational value of these relationships, as well as the information itself.

In other words, “Does it matter on Twitter?” as a metric.

How would this work? What is the scale of measurement? It could be anecdotal – with Twitter-worthy being a casual measurement much like Elaine’s sponge-worthy scale from Seinfeld. That would be the lighter side of metrics. But it could also become a more scientific metric, with a system in place to predict or test the Twitter-worthiness of any bit of information on an empirical scale.

Any takers?

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