Would it kill you to smile?

November 16th, 2016

What’s the go-to position of your face, and how that affects everything.

I’m a bit of a sulker. There, I’ve said it. I know it’s not an attractive habit, and I’m always trying to work on that. But the default position of my mouth isn’t always a smile. Which is perhaps why fate throws so many frowning people in front of me – to act as a mirror, reflecting myself back to me in a way that I can see myself through others. And you know what? It’s not pretty.

What I do notice, though, is that on good days when I seem to be smiling a lot, people smile back at me. And then I find myself smiling even more. Then people are more agreeable with me, and give me what I want and need, often without my even having to ask. And then I smile more. And in those moments where there is quiet inside my mind, I find myself thinking of new ideas and bright possibilities, instead of worrying about things that might have been or never will be. And then I can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face.

Until the next day, when I wake up and look for the smile but can’t seem to find it.

So do me a favour, would you? Instead of being one of the many people who I pass with a scowl or a dour face, be one of the smiling ones. Try to make that the default position of your face. Because if you do, then your day will get progressively better (I can’t guarantee that, but it always happens for me). And if you’re smiling when I pass you, maybe you’ll make me smile, too.

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